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Choice Meats from Choice Suppliers

Our Butchers shop brings to you the finest quality, most flavoursome meats available which is why we choose our suppliers very carefully. We select only the very best cuts to provide our customers with lean, tasty meat all year round and together with our philosophy of offering good, old fashioned service.

Dry-Aged Beef

We take great pride in dry ageing our beef for a minimum of 28 days before making it available for sale. This process tenderises and truly deepens the flavour of the beef – to learn more, visit Our Dry-Aged Beef page.

You can be sure you will receive only the very best service from a family butchers at the heart of the local community.

Traditional Butchers

We are a traditional butchers, with a fantastic team who take great pride in delivering locally sourced, delicious and seasonable meats and who believe the traditional ways of husbandry are best for both animals and people. Using traditional butchery methods, our customers continue to receive the finest quality and the very best value.

Fullers Family Food Hall & Butchers in Essex has a long standing reputation as a traditional butcher where traditional methods continue to mean first class traditional quality and exceptional value for loyal customers in Harlow and the Essex Area.


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Here at Fullers Family Food Hall & Butchers we take the utmost pride in supplying you a wonderfully fresh range of locally sourced produce, meats and treats. We also have an incredibly well-stocked deli counter full of mouth-watering products for you to enjoy.

By using Red Tractor Farm Assured beef, chicken, pork and lamb, we can trace all our meat back to independently inspected farms in the UK which must meet safety, hygiene, and animal welfare standards.

Our aim is to offer our fine produce at affordable prices, providing unrivalled service and ethically sourced, high quality food and drink from people who, like us, truly care about good food that’s grown and made the way it should be.

The Butchers
The Butchers