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  • Barnsely Lamb Loin Chops

    Barnsley Lamb Loin Chops

    A Barnsley Chop is a lamb chop taken from right across the loin which becomes a double sided chop.

    Also available with a garden mint glaze.

    From: £6.50
  • Mini Butterfly Leg of Lamb Mini Butterfly Leg of Lamb

    Mini Butterfly Leg of Lamb

    A classic Springtime Sunday roast, with plenty of flavour and simple to cook – perfect for Easter.

    Our mini butterfly leg of lamb is perfect for up to 4. Average weight 750g ...

    From: £18.99
  • Lamb Rump Steaks

    Lamb Rump Steaks

    Lamb Rump Steak is a versatile and tasty meat choice with the layer of fat across the top adding to its flavour.

    Roast, fry, grill or barbecue it – it works any which way.

    From: £5.50
  • Grass-Fed Whole Lamb Online Whole Lamb Online at Fullers Family Butchers

    Whole Lamb

    This is a great offer to buy a locally sourced, grass-fed whole lamb online keeping your freezer stocked up with a range of lamb cuts (including roasting joints) for months. At just £140...

  • Half Shoulder of Lamb Whole Shoulder of Lamb

    Shoulder of Lamb

    Shoulder of lamb is one awesome cut. A hugely underrated cut, we tend to find many people avoid it due to it being a little more fatty than the leg but don’t let this put you off. ...

    From: £9.50
  • 2x Minty Lamb Kebabs

    At Fullers Family Butchers we use only the finest cut of leg of lamb for our minty lamb kebabs. We know the importance of quality and always strive to deliver this passion through our pro...

  • Leg of Lamb

    Leg of Lamb

    Fullers Family Butchers legs of lamb make for a perfect for Sunday lunch and are ideal for Easter!

    Our lamb is hand prepared with care by our expert butchers on site at our shop i...

    From: £15.00